COVID-19 Update

Updated 9/21/2021


1) Everyone using the church building will be required to mask in common spaces, such as bathrooms, hallways, and the Gathering Space, (unless actively eating or drinking while seated). When in segregated, private spaces, groups may use their discretion for masking guidelines.

2) Contact tracing records and health screening questionnaires are no longer required.

3) Covid-19 cleaning protocols and logs are no longer required. (However, disinfectants and wipes will be kept in each room, and we encourage groups to kindly wipe things down before leaving if possible)

4) Room occupancies return to 100% capacity limits as posted in each room.

5) Submission of reopening plans for returning groups is no longer required.


1)On Sunday mornings we ask that all individuals wear masks during worship.

2) No reservations will be required and there will be no health screening check-in, however a friendly face will still be there to greet you. We do continue to encourage folks to arrive early and keep appropriate distance while entering and exiting the building.

3) Sanctuary seating will return to full capacity, with no social distancing markers. Unvaccinated individuals are required to distance themselves appropriately (6ft or 12ft if choosing to sing).

4) Singing will be permitted, per CDC unvaccinated individuals are to keep 12ft distance from others while singing.

5) Church staff will continue to disinfect the sanctuary after use, and we will use our HVAC system to help with air flow and filtration (Not to mention cooler temperatures on hot days!)

*Unvaccinated restrictions are on the honor system;
we trust that you will make the healthiest decision for yourself and others while you are worshiping with us.

We ask that everyone be respectful of an individual's needs, all of us are experiencing a time of vulnerability and anxiety as we begin to acclimate to these changes. We hope you will continue to find Calvary’s worship to be a warm and hospitable place for you. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Pastor Drew at

We will continue to monitor the guidelines and recommendations from appropriate

authorities and in the event, there are an increased number of covid-19 cases or other changes

regarding the risk of Covid-19, Calvary reserves the right to update its Covid protocols accordingly.

In Christ,

Rev. Drew Sperry

Lead Pastor Calvary UMC