Kings Kids

King’s Kids

Leadership ∙ Character ∙ Confidence

Calvary’s King’s Kids is a theater group open to all Calvary Youth grades 4 through 12. The purpose of this group is to help young people develop confidence, leadership and character by performing on stage in a fun, stress-free atmosphere.

  • The group generally meets on Thursday, 4:30-6:00 PM and Saturday (times variable) when preparing a performance.

  • The King's Kids Council is open to all youth from 9th through 12th grade. The council is responsible for helping with directing, music, choreography, costumes, set design, lights and all other aspect of the production. The main focus of the council is to act as mentors to the younger members.

King's Kids is led by Jim Daly, with the assistance of volunteers, parents and the Council.

Living Nativity

Each December Calvary performs a Living Nativity Scene, complete with a stable, animals, and actors, led by King's Kids, our youth drama group. Tour guides lead guests through the story of Jesus' birth, which is told through a combination of skits and song.