Support Calvary

Ways to continue supporting Calvary

You can make direct donations to Calvary in two ways:

1) Online Giving using the following link:

2) Through the mail to:

Calvary UMC

15 Ridge Pl

Latham, NY 12110

Amazon Smile

Many of us have increased the amount of items we are buying from Amazon these days. A great way to help the church is to use Amazon Smile, which allows to choose Calvary as a charity to receive a portion of your spending as a donation. To set up Amazon Smile

  1. In your internet browser go to and log in using your Amazon credentials.

  2. After signing in, you will be directed to the below page.

  3. Under the heading “Or pick your own charitable organization” enter “Calvary United Methodist Church ” then click “Search

Calvary's Treasures

Calvary is kicking off a new fundraiser, Calvary’s Treasures. Calvary's Treasures will be selling items on eBay and Facebook Marketplace and is looking for donations. We are looking for items that can be listed for $25 or more. We are happy to evaluate your items, as almost anything could have significant value. Normally things that are in very good condition, vintage (more than 25 years old), labeled with a brand and date are good candidates, but newer items can have value as well. Smaller items, less than 3 pounds and ideally less than 1 pound, will normally be listed on Calvary’s eBay site, user name: calvarystreasures. Larger items will be sold on Facebook Marketplace. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Calvary UMC.

While Calvary members are certainly welcome to purchase items on eBay at calvarystreasures our focus is to connect with people outside of the current Calvary community as both a fundraiser and to share our mission and vision.

If you are interested in having an item evaluated or learning more about the process of selling items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or in becoming a part of the Calvary’s Treasures team, please contact John (518-965-5210) or Lisa (518-469-7945) Drake or email us at

Information on our Online Giving provider:

Calvary has been partnering with to help provide an online giving option since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While we have been tremendously grateful for this partnership and with the service it has provided we have decided it is time for a change, in order to help streamline our accounting systems.

Calvary has recently upgraded its membership and finance software programs. Our new software, Servant Keeper, incorporates an online giving system known as Faith Life Giving. This service is fully intergraded with the Servant Keeper accounting software and streamlines the programs to ensure that your gifts go toward your intended purpose, and credits you for those gifts. Additionally, the convenience fees are less!

The preferred electronic giving is still through your banks bill pay program. NO fees, one less online entity, and you’re in control. However, if you want to use a CREDIT/DEBIT card for contributing to Calvary you can now start using Faith Life Giving by following the link below to Calvary’s giving page. (If I can do it you can do it). Enter the amount of your gift, credit card information and submit. The convenience fee will be included so you will receive your full amount toward your pledge.

Any questions feel free to call text or email me.


Thank you all, for your continued support of Calvary’s many missions,


Bill Bradke

Financial Secretary Calvary UMC