Worship Service

100th Anniversary Celebration
Invitation and Reservation Slip

Dear Siblings In Christ,

You are invited to join the celebration of Calvary United Methodist Church, Latham New York’s 100th anniversary. A special worship service will be held on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 10:00 am. The service will include a procession of Calvary’s former clergy, a message by Upper New York Resident Bishop Mark Webb, a specially commissioned choral anthem by Pepper Choplin, Holy Communion, and a blessing for Calvary’s next 100 years.

Following the worship service, there will be a catered luncheon and program. Meal choices include: stuffed chicken breast or pasta primavera, at a cost of $25.00 per person. A free meal of macaroni & cheese with chicken fingers will be offered for children under 12. Reservation for the luncheon is REQUIRED. Your reservation slip, indicating meal choice(s) along with your payment must be RECEIVED by September 1, 2022. Meal choices and payment information are provided on the next sheet. Please note, there will be no refunds for cancellations made after September 1st. Copies of the attached sheet will be available on the counter under the TV in the Gathering Space at Calvary for pick-up by those unable to print the attached sheet.

Our luncheon will be followed by a program that will include a video presentation of memories and prerecorded messages. We would love to hear some of your favorite memories, or special messages. You can pass these along by August 18th using the instructions on the attached sheet. Please keep your sharing to 30-45 seconds (or less) so that we can include as many memories and messages as possible. If you are not able to provide a video recording, you can send in a written memory or message by following the instructions on the attached sheet.

A short coffee and cookie time will be held in the Gathering Space after the worship service for those who attend the service, but are unable to remain for the luncheon, to greet visiting clergy.

CHILDREN are invited to participate with their families in all, or as much of the day’s festivities as they desire. There will be several childcare options provided throughout the day. During the worship service nursery care is available for children 2 and under. Following the young disciples’ message, a children’s church will be offered in the education wing. Between worship and the luncheon, there will be “stay and play” with a team of childcare providers present at the playground. Following the meal, childcare providers will be available to supervise children during the program portion of the luncheon.

Additionally, we invite you to join in worship during the month of August and on September 4th, when Sunday morning messages will be offered by former pastors and members called into ministry from Calvary. You can join in person or services are live streamed through Facebook. Instructions on how to access the live stream are provided on the next page.

In Christ,

Pastor Drew Sperry and Pastor Gordon Drake

Luncheon Reservation Slip