A Gift For The Century

2022 Capital Improvement Project

"Calvary UMC has been a beacon of God's grace on the ridge for 100 years, we hope with your support Calvary will continue to stand and shine for another 100 years." -Pastor Gordon Drake

This past summer we became increasingly concerned about significant deterioration of the concrete and exposure of the structural reinforcing steel on the bell tower, and north side buttresses. Looking at it you will immediately notice a section of the facing that has fallen off. In addition, much of the wood and stucco on the outside walls of the entire church have significantly deteriorated. In many places the wood is rotted or badly split and the stucco is in poor shape.

To assist with evaluation of these issues we hired the architecture firm of Lomonaco & Pitts architecture+ to inspect the exterior of the church and identify areas of greatest need. Upon completion of this inspection, they proposed a number of projects to fix the identified issues. This past fall we requested a formal proposal for these projects and had it put out for bids to a number of trusted contractors. In late December bids were returned and in cooperation with the Church Council the Trustees have contracted with a firm to do work on the bell tower and buttresses, repair the exterior wood and stucco, and paint the exterior of the church. This work will begin on or about April 1st and be completed by July 1st. The combined cost of these major projects is $93,000.

As we look forward to celebrating the 100th anniversary of Calvary, the Trustees view these needed repairs as one would on their own aging house. Failure to address these structural issues is not really an option if we wish to keep Calvary strong and safe for the next 100 years. To ensure that the building continues to serve as a place of hospitality for your group/community, and a beacon of God’s love on the hill, for the next 100 years we are asking you to join with the members of Calvary to help raise the needed funds. With all of us working together we believe we can ensure that Calvary is able to address this and any future building needs as they arise.

If you would like to donate toward this project you can do so making a one-time or recurring donation by a sending a check made out to Calvary UMC with “2022 Capital Project” written in the memo line to the church office, or on-line using the button below, and selecting "2022 Capital Project" in the drop down menu.

Thank you for your prayerful support, we look forward to our next 100 years of ministry on the ridge and service in our community.