Book Studies

Upcoming Book Studies at Calvary

Understanding White Privilege

By Frances E. Kendall

Wednesday, January 18th at 7pm

Antiracism continues to be a vital part of Calvary's core value to be open to all. For that reason, we are committed to offering biannual learning opportunities to deepen understanding of the evil of racism and its impact on our society. This study will help us learn more about systems of privilege which benefit certain people over others. Join us to grow your understanding, deepen your commitment to God's racial justice and seek ways to help end racism.

Please Purchase a copy of the book from your own favorite book seller and Join the discussion.


Wednesdays, March, 2nd- April 6th at 7pm

This lent we will be guided in our worship and study by Adam Hamilton's new book "Luke; Jesus and The Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws." Join us for this exciting lenten study as we grow closer to Jesus and his all inclusive love.