June 29, 2022

Last week we restarted our Hebrew Scripture sermon series on Samuel and David from last summer. We began by remembering where our series originated with the stories of Samuel's rise to leadership, and the adventures of David's youth and early adulthood. All of which culminated in the anointing of David as King over all of Israel, which is where our series left of last summer.

When we picked up again last Sunday, David had established Jerusalem as his new capital city and he was bringing the Ark of God into the city with dance and joyful worship. We marveled at David's procession and even tried a little dancing our selves. However, we also notice some of those at David's celebration were not dancing. We explored how Michal and the family of Uzzah were victims of injustice, which prevented them from joining the praise. The scripture taught us two important lessons about our worship. First, worship should be joyful and fun, an act we come to with our whole selves, giving thanks to God for our many blessings. Second, worship should call us to justice. It should empower us to face evil and oppression in all forms, so that all of God's children might experience liberation and find the grace to join the dance.

This week our scriptures take us to one of the most challenging stories of David's life. We find him caught in temptation and making terrible decision, after terrible decision. He first commits adultery and then murder to cover it up. These are certainly not the actions of a righteous King or a God fearing servant. God is angered. Soon a new character in the story appears, Nathan. Like Samuel before Nathan plays the critical role of prophet. He speaks for the Lord and holds the people of Israel and their king accountable to righteousness. Nathan shows David just how wicked his actions were and calls for him to repent.

Nathan's role as a source of accountability is crucial to David's reign as King. And what this story might be offering to us is a lesson in our need for spiritual accountability in our lives. The truth is we all fall short and sometimes need help realizing it. Who in your life helps you to remain accountable to your spiritual wellbeing? Do you have a covenant partner to help you stay on course in your faith journey? Is there some one helping you reach spiritual goals you've set for yourself? Join us this week in worship to explore this idea more and to learn about how Calvary's House Churches may be a place that can help you on your faith journey.

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Calvary is Turning 100!


Join a House Church!

Calvary’s House Church, ministry continues to grow and remain a vital competent of our worship life together. With four active house churches, thirty two participants we are seeing tremendous response. One participant has said “Joining house church was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.”... See More

Virtual Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request that you would like lifted during Sunday services you can now submit them online at our website or by clicking the link below. We have also created this QR code, which can be found in the Sanctuary and round the building. It can be scanned at any time to send a request.



As part of our spiritual practices, please keep in your prayers:

Calvary’s mission and ministry and for the mission and ministry of the church in the world, those who need the presence of God in their lives, those serving in armed forces and in ministry around the world and here,

& those who mourn the loss or Carole Carver,

& those in need of God’s healing; Lisa Banta’s Mother Pat; Kyle Kendall; Lois Malatino; Marissa Malatino; Bob Dawson; Bill Matthews; Marilyn Matthews (Bill Matthew’s Mother); Denise Stringer; Duane Belfance; Lou Murphy; Mary Francese and Family; The Jesep Family (Linda Melanson's friend); Yvonne Abunaw; Bill Artini's Mother Alice; Ellen Fredrickson; Jackie Meyer; Baby Aurora; Bonnie (Mike Danis' sister-in -law).

& those members of Calvary who are no longer able to be active among us as they once were: John Connor, Bernice Schuster, Shirley Tschumi, Peg Witbeck, June Champney, Barb Jones.

Vacation Bible School

July 18th to 22nd

5:30pm to 8pm

We are excited to announce this year's VBS theme is "God's Wonder Lab." The kids will spend a week learning about Jesus' miracles alongside the miracles of science! VBS has historically been such an important part of our culture here at Calvary. It offers the children in our community a safe place to connect with each other and with God. In order to keep this event free and open to the community we need YOUR help! We have a number of volunteer positions available for VBS. Such positions include tribe leader, junior tribe leaders (for Jr. High and High School students) set up help, take down help, food servers, meal providers, first aid helper, greeter, registrar, providing financial donations and contributing to fundraisers. There is something for everyone with VBS! We will be conducting three fundraisers over the next three months to help us raise money for this free annual event. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kristen Rains or Charity Preston!

VBS registration for participants and volunteers is now open! https://vbspro.events/p/events/1331a6

Conference Summer Camps

Summer Camp Registration is open now! For more information, click on the Camp links below.

Skye Farm (set in the Adirondacks near Lake George)


Sky Lake (set in the Catskills)


For those who would like to apply for financial assistance to attend one of the conference summer camps, we do have scholarships available! Please fill out the form at the following link: https://forms.gle/iSwe9Gqe8XnPgM3V7

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For more information, and upcoming events check out our Family Ministries Page.


It’s a Garden Party!

Saturday, July 9th, 8:30-11

All Are Welcome!
Well, maybe not a party, but our gardens are full of beautiful flowers and unfortunately plenty of weeds. And we need to make room for a new tree in celebration of our anniversary! If you are willing to help out, please come!Hopefully the sun will be shining and it won’t be too hot! If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Balogh (tdb1214@gmail.com).

Calvary Missional Partnerships

Calvary has long standing relationships with a number of mission organizations that impact people from the local area. For more information on the following organizations, please click here.

  • Rags to Riches

  • Street Soldiers

- Urgent need for canned proteins (spam, tuna fish, chicken, Vienna sausages) canned or individual fruit pouches, laundry pods, toilet paper, silverware and bowls

  • St. Ambrose Food Pantry

  • Lions Institute - Eye Glasses Collection

  • Equinox - Cell Phone/Chargers Collection


July 24th Church BBQ

Church BBQ and Bible Trivia – Sponsored by Ministry Program Council

July 24, 2022

11:30 AM (Right after church)

A fun time after church with a BBQ and team bible trivia hosted by Pastor Drew and Pastor Gordon!

Want to help out? See the Sign Up Genius form linked here:

Calvary BBQ Volunteer

We are looking for grills for the day, grillmasters, dishes to pass, setup and clean up.

July 3rd Ukraine Support Thank You Concert

Since March, Calvary has collected $3,674 to help support the Ukraine. This support helps to make a difference in the lives of those suffering and hurting because of war. Natalia is overwhelmed by Calvary’s prayerful support for her and her family, as well as our financial support through our giving to this cause. Thus, she would like to offer her gratitude through a concert on July 3rd after our worship service. The concert will feature selections from Schubert, Chopin, Ravel, along with some Ukrainian and American songs. Please join Natalia and enjoy about 30-45minutes of beautiful music. A free will donation will be collected to further support the Ukraine.

Calvary's Treasures

Calvary is kicking off a new fundraiser, Calvary’s Treasures. Calvary's Treasures will be selling items on eBay and Facebook Marketplace and is looking for donations. We are looking for items that can be listed for $25 or more. We are happy to evaluate your items, as almost anything could have significant value. Normally things that are in very good condition, vintage (more than 25 years old), labeled with a brand and date are good candidates, but newer items can have value as well. Smaller items, less than 3 pounds and ideally less than 1 pound, will normally be listed on Calvary’s eBay site, user name: calvarystreasures. Larger items will be sold on Facebook Marketplace. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Calvary UMC.

While Calvary members are certainly welcome to purchase items on eBay at calvarystreasures our focus is to connect with people outside of the current Calvary community as both a fundraiser and to share our mission and vision.

If you are interested in having an item evaluated or learning more about the process of selling items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or in becoming a part of the Calvary’s Treasures team, please contact John (518-965-5210) or Lisa (518-469-7945) Drake or email us at jhdrake40@gmail.com.

Preschool Update

Preschool is over for now, but Summer Camp starts on July 11th!! We have limited availability, so if you're interested in sending someone you love, check our website for more details. www.calvarymethodistpreschool.org

Electronics and Metals Recycling Event
Saturday 10/1/2022 - 9am - 12pm

Start that household cleanout. 😊

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Calvary UMC, in partnership with JGS recycling, will again hold an Electronics and Metals recycling event. Along with your household, invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives to start saving the recyclable items listed on the attached poster so you/they can participate this fall. All proceeds will benefit the ministries and missions of the church. This event is being held in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church which can be found on the Upcoming Events page.

*Please click here to see the attached poster for details. Further information will be available in September. Until then, please listen for announcements during worship and watch for information in the Mid-week messages and CUMC’s website. Questions may be directed to Lisa Heywood-Drake (518-438-2484) or Drakegandl@gmail.com.

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Tellers Schedule

The Tellers for this Sunday June 26, 2022

Neil Francese and Michelle Simkulet

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