Calvary Music

Music truly is one of the strengths at Calvary! Calvary offers a variety of choirs that provide ministry through music, help lead and support Sunday Morning Worship and provide outreach through special events and concerts offered to Calvary and the public.

Adult Choir

In May 2019, the Calvary UM Choir was invited to sing, along with other choirs from around the country, at Carnegie Hall in New York City, under the direction of composer Mary McDonald. They have also been invited to sing in 2021 in Scotland along with composer Pepper Choplin.

Bell Choir

Calvary has a set of Hand Bells and Chimes covering a five octave range which enables the choir to play a wide range of compositions. The choirs rehearse on Mondays and lead in Sunday worship at various times throughout the year and especially during Holiday seasons.


Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir for children ages 3 to 3rd grade and Youth Choir for 4th and older youth and practice after church Sundays during the school year. These choirs are scheduled to provide their wonderful, joyful sounds during Sunday morning worship.

Chime Choir

Calvary Chimers is a choir that plays hand chimes, instruments which are similar to tuning forks. This is for the youth in grades 4 through high school with practice weekly after church during the school year. Calvary Ringers is a group of high-school youth and adults which play hand bells throughout the school year and practices weekly at 7:15 pm on Mondays. Both are directed by Connie Varcasia.

Harpsicle Kids

Calvary has six small, portable and lightweight stringed instruments known as Harpsicles. Children in grades K-4th may learn to pluck simple tunes to be played during various Sunday morning worship services during the school year. Half-hour rehearsals are held on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. September through May under the direction of Carol Malone.

Outreach and Special Events

Choirs have provided their music in nursing homes, hospitals, and in the community throughout the year. The Adult Chorus has provided special concerts for the community singing in a variety of languages and has performed on a radio broadcast. The Bell Choirs have provided fund raising concerts to assist flood victims and all of the choirs have provided special concerts to raise money in support of food programs to help feed the hungry.

Howe Music Scholarship

Each year the Howe Music Endowment offers scholarships for the benefit of members of Calvary United Methodist Church for music education. The endowment is managed by the Trustees and offers an annual gift for the pursuance of vocal and (or) instrumental instruction. It is the intent of the endowment to encourage candidates (7th grade to adults) who are members of a musical performance group at Calvary, to enhance their musical skills.