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Director of Junior High Youth Ministry ~ Calvary United Methodist in Latham

Do you love hanging out with youth?  Do you have a passion for sharing God’s love?  

Calvary UMC needs you!  Calvary UMC is seeking a Director of Junior High Youth Ministry (DJHYM) beginning August 2017.  The mission of Calvary United Methodist Church is making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


The successful candidate for this position will have a passion for sharing God’s love with high school age youth.  Additionally, the successful candidate for DJHYM will:

  • feel a sense of calling to youth ministry;

  • love hanging out with youth;

  • understand the challenges many youth face such as time demands, social media, bullying, drugs, alcohol, academic success, and their place in religion, to name a few;

  • possess the ability to plan, organize, lead, and guide complex projects and spontaneous activities related to youth ministries;

  • coordinate with other groups within the church;

  • exhibit ability to work with youth and young adults;

  • demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills;

  • possess competence in basic lay counseling and listening skills appropriate for youth ministry

  • ability to work cooperatively with others, to maintain a positive outlook and disposition, and to be flexible in solving problems;

  • Demonstrate the ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality.  Refrain from indiscriminately sharing personal information.  Discretion must be exercised when dealing with the public, youth and their parents, and the church’s leaders and members;

In addition this position requires:

  • Satisfactory Security Check;

  • Complete Safe Sanctuary Training;

  • A minimum age of 23 to comply with the Safe Sanctuaries policy.

Job Description:

  • The DJHYM will provide leadership and pastoral presence for the Junior High Youth Fellowship and coordinate with the Director of Senior High Youth Ministry and the pastor.
    With the assistance of the Pastor, the DJHYM will develop fellowship and education programs, plan and attend fellowship and mission activities, and work with the Senior Pastor to plan retreats and lock-ins.  The DJHYM will coordinate activities and resources with the Senior High Youth Director to eliminate scheduling conflicts and coordinate activities as appropriate.


  • The Director of Junior High Youth Ministry (DJHYM) will actively participate in the life of Calvary and enhance the role of the Director by attending meetings of the Education Commission, monthly staff meetings, attend or have representation at Administrative Council, participate in the annual calendar clearing and by developing her /his professional skills and understanding.
    The DSHYM will participate actively in monthly Education Committee, staff meetings, and when requested, meetings of the Administrative Council. By accessing reading and other resource material, attending conferences, and developing professional contacts, the Director will find new ways to improve and enhance the Junior High Youth Program at Calvary.


  • The DJHYM will continue to build and strengthen the Youth Advisor Program.
    The DJHYM will be mindful to encourage among the youth group a welcoming atmosphere which reflects the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.


  • On a monthly basis, the DJHYM will submit to the Minister a brief account of the Youth Group’s activities during the preceding month for inclusion in the church’s monthly newsletter.


Hours:  Approximately 20-25 hours per month

Compensation:  $4456 annually

Interested applications should submit a letter of interest and resume to calvaryumclatham@gmail.com using the subject line “DJHYM applicant”.  Please note that applicants scheduled to interview will be required to provide three (3) references at the time of interview.

Posted June 23, 2017