July 1, 2020 Update

Greetings Calvary congregation!

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Calvary’s Ministry Program Council has started the process of developing an action plan for the reopening of Calvary United Methodist Church. This is a complex issue and our top priority is to create a reasonable plan that will keep our staff and community safe. As such, we have created 5 teams with the following responsibilities:

Worship - The worship team is working on the revised structure of worship service that will comply with established guidelines for when we return to in-person worship (co-led by Pastor Drew Sperry and Pastor Gordon Drake).

Building - The building team is working on the plans and requirements for reopening the building for use by staff, worship and rentals (led by Kelly Young and MPC representatives Charity Preston and Mary Francese).

Health & Safety - The health and safety team is working on the requirements for reopening the building for occupancy according to CDC, NYS, and UNY conference guidelines (co-led by Glenda Kelman, Rita Pickett, and Lisa Drake).

Legal - The legal team is reviewing all CDC, NYS, UNY conference with input from Calvary’s insurance company to ensure our reopening plans are compliant (co-led by David Taylor and Pastor Gordon Drake).

Communications - The communications team is responsible for keeping the congregation informed as reopening plans and timelines develop (co-led by Neil Francese and Michelle Simkulet).

The teams are currently working to develop a Calvary reopening strategy. Once developed, the Calvary reopening plan will be presented to Calvary Church Council for approval. As we work through this planning stage, please have patience, understanding, and hold Calvary in prayer knowing that the health and safety of the Calvary community is a guiding light in our diligence.

Looking forward to the time we can meet and worship together in person.

Prayerfully yours,
Calvary Ministry Program Council – Communications Team