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English Tutoring

Free English Tutoring For Adults

An important mission at Calvary is its free English tutoring program for adults who are learning to speak, or desire to improve their ability to write or speak, English. We work with people of all educational levels and backgrounds. Calvary trains volunteers from the church and surrounding community who meet in small group or individual settings to teach English to individuals from around the world and all walks of faith. Tutors assist with obtaining citizenship, driver's licenses, apartments, and jobs, changing forever the lives of those we serve.

If you are interested in this program, here are two ways you can participate:

1: Become a tutor: Calvary trains tutors and provides them with resources to teach. No teaching experience is needed to become a tutor and training takes less than eight hours. Tutors then met with students at a mutually convenient time in a public place, often at our church, one to two hours per week. This is a way to show God's love to those in need in a way that fits your current schedule.

2. Assist a person who wants to learn English in contacting us: If you or someone you know wants to learn or improve their English, please contact Rita Pickett at 786-1858 or