Calvary Serves

Calvary reaches out in Christian love to others.  Many missions and ministries are based on the immediate need of the surrounding community, or within the Church community itself. In some instances, efforts reach far beyond our local area, to assist children and families in developing countries. Please contact us for additional information on each of the Missions below. 

Free English Tutoring For Adults

An important mission at Calvary is its free English tutoring program for adults who are learning to speak, or desire to improve their ability to write or speak, English. We work with people of all educational levels and backgrounds. Calvary trains volunteers from the church and surrounding community who meet in small group or individual settings to teach English to individuals from around the world and all walks of faith. Tutors help these people obtain citizenship, driver's licenses, apartments, and jobs, changing forever the lives of those we serve.  For more information see English Tutoring

Volunteers in Mission (VIM)

Volunteers in Mission is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, missionary movement which uses building skills to assist communities where help is needed and invited. Teams are often assembled from members of many congregations, and are supported by a local host group where the help is being given. With the assistance of experienced team members, volunteers grow spiritually and learn new skills while helping others. Calvary teams have participated in week-long trips to Mississippi and Iowa and, more recently, many day trips to Middleburgh, NY to assist in the cleanup and rebuilding of areas affected by Hurricane Irene.  A trip to Cuba is planned for 2019.